The Outdoor Living Space

Spend more time outdoors in Charlotte, NC

Are you considering building a deck? Dogface Missions has the manpower and expertise to do so for you. We will come up with the design, obtain the materials and build it for you. Planning on adding a hot tub to your outdoor space? We’ll keep that in mind. Do you foresee many celebrations and parties happening on your deck? We’ll make sure you have enough space to do so. If you already have a deck, we specialize in deck repairs as well. Dogface Missions can make repairs to rotten wood and wood riddled with holes. Additionally, we can fix your deck posts, or replace the boards.

4 Ways a Deck Can Improve Your Life

  1. Decks are a comfortable and convenient way of getting fresh air
  2. Decks expand your living space
  3. Decks are an excellent space for entertaining guests
  4. Decks are a natural escape from indoor monotony